You have three precious months until 2016. How juicy is that? This is the sweet spot where if you start now, today, and take the first step, you can ride into the new year feeling happy, proud, accomplished and simply glowing.


You're a babe on a mission, and you know you're destined for something greater, but you have a major challenge that is blocking your light. 

  • Feeling sick or exhausted all the time
  • Being burned out
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin
  • Feeling like your life is passing you by
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself or others

You're not alone. It's incredibly easy to become busy, overwhelmed, and stuck in patterns and habits that no longer serve you...


1. Take A Step Back  

An extremely thorough health history, initial get-to-know-you call, and your astrology allow me to see patterns, connections, and potential breakthrough points

2. Set A Clear Vision

I lead you through a process of goal-setting to get to the heart of what you most want and need

3. Create And Implement A Week-By-Week Strategy

Each week you'll receive clear, personalized guidance on nutrition, journaling, meditative practice, and wellness inspiration

4. Prioritize Self-Care

Self-care is both simple and complex. We work together to uncover blocks to self-care, identify essential self-care practices, and help you to put them into practice. It only takes one month to change a habit. By the end of three months, you will have a solid self-care routine in place. 

5. Reach Your Goals

Our lives are determined by our days. The care and attention you put toward transforming your life practices so that they are nourishing and empowering will transform your life. This reset lays the foundation for even bigger, brighter, sexier goals.