Astrology For The Revolution

January 26, 2017 Emily Price

Energetic game-changing is happening. It's brewing and spinning and powering up. No, this does not exempt disaster from simultaneously occurring. It's occurring. And part of the disaster is that these early days of Trump's presidency are occurring at an extremely powerful time astrologically. But celestial magic belongs to all of us, equally.

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We must harness this power for ourselves. We must harness this power for our movements.

Let's break it down in the simplest terms, times, and actions possible. I'm going to start with the new moon, but it's not just about the new moon itself. It's also about highlighting the strong, long-term aspects presenting. 

My next blog will be about using this upcoming series of eclipses and key February astrology in service to our movements! Stay tuned!

New Moon in Aquarius (exact on January 27th, 4:04p PST): 

Not all new moons are created equal.  This one is the first of 2017 with all planets in direct motion. The planets are also currently in nearly a 'bowl shape' (all the planets, with the exception of Jupiter off by a few degrees, are within the same 180 degrees of the (total 360 degree) chart). This is energetically condensed and mission-driven astrology.  The Sun-Moon conjunction (that's what a New Moon is) comes semi-sextile a powerful Neptune in Pisces  (dreaming, visioning, channeling) and Inconjunct the North Node (destiny, fate, where we are headed). We've gotta be holding down the vision of what we want to see and create. We can't just be in reaction during this time. See with your eyes, feel with your body, and sing with your song your vision for the emergent, hopeful future that must be birthed from this time. Mark it on your calendar and own your power.  (note: below, there is more info on some longer-lasting aspects co-occurring with the New Moon) 

Mars enters Aries (January 27th, 9:39 pm PST):

Mars is a Warrior. Mars is essential to fight and to win. (In your own birth chart, it is very empowering to get to know your personal Mars and power channel it to maximum benefit. Know your heart's warrior archetype and use THAT to fight.) The cycle of the planet Mars lasts 23 months. It essentially regulates the available energy for a two year period. The start of this cycle is absolutely critical to masterful expression of the energy in the rest of the cycle. Where do you want to see your power, expression, sex drive, and physical pursuits go over the next 23 months? Use this time of the dark moon and then the New Moon to rest/relax/yin/intuit out So That You May Receive The Crystalline Download Essence of Your Personal Relationship to This New Mars Cycle. My personal New Moon practices are more receptive and less action-oriented than they used to be. I find that I receive a flood of information at the new moon and it is actually the following night, when there is the first visible sliver of moon in the sky, that I have a solid sense of what initiatory action to take for the cycle. Use your own intuition and experience of course. This time, Mars' regenerative moment is perfectly timed for actioning the insights and awareness of the dark and new moon contact with the void and That Which Is Greater Than Us.  This is time to honor the warrior. If you have a coven, be with them. If you have a dog, a lover, a dear friend, a group you're going flip this world back rightside up with, be with them in action. The main ingredient of magic is will.  Magic is inherently willful. You are consciously engaging your Mars (and Mercury and Venus) energy and directing it to make something happen that is not guaranteed. You are risking failure by directing your power to your own creation as opposed to whatever you happen to have coming to you and convincing yourself that is enough. We ask that it be in and for the highest good, but really there is an essential component that is not about asking. It is about telling. Magic is actually not as new age as is popular and comforting to think. Magic is a high-level decision, a skillful manipulation, and a real power bitch move. It's about getting shit done. Magic was harnessed by the people in times of terror and oppression to ask powerful energetic forces for the right to keep living in spite of powerfully threatening circumstances.  We need our magic now. Claim your right to be here.  

Mercury Conjunct Pluto (felt January 27th into 28th) : 

People fear this but I'm asking that you don't. Pluto energy is heavily operating now. Pluto is non-negotiable and if anything is getting torn down for the highest good then Pluto is operating. There is no revolution while we still fear Pluto Power and seek a softer, easier way. Mercury's connection with Pluto has been hovering since a near meet-up pre-mercury retrograde. Allow any thwarted power from the past few months of despair to come back to you now. Your mind creates. Mercury represents the mind and communication.  Let this Mercury meeting up with Pluto give you a major insight and download into what this phoenix time of seeming chaos is really all about. And if what arises is dark, then face that darkest, scariest possibility and rise from that awareness with the knowing that you are powerful AND the understanding that your power is scary enough to the people in power that they have built their entire existence around trying to keep you from your power. So take it back, now. I strongly believe the convergence of these three short-lived aspects so close in time is fated and intended to work together. We need our Mars and Pluto power now. We need Aries and Scorpio energy. 

Some more on the astrological backdrop...

Saturn Trine Uranus:

This is all about building structure for our most radical, inventive, totally futuristic, IDGAF-about-what-has-been-before inventiveness and inspiration. You'll notice that, yes, the fascists are doing that too. Astrology is not an inherently moral force. It is energy that needs to be channeled. Saturn likes a plan. It does not care about shouting sentiments in the void. Saturn, to be honest, couldn't give a fuq about a vision board or a facebook post (sorry). Saturn wants a contact list, calls made, budget kept, meetings attended, a spreadsheet, and goals broken down into actions that you are regularly, actually taking. Saturn likes anything that empowers structure, as well as the resolute banishment of anything compromising that structure. Saturn meets up with Uranus for an extended period defining much of 2017 astrology -- it is structure meets wildcard brilliance. Do not be messing around with anything that takes you off track here.  (p.s. while Saturn may not care about your vision board, Neptune and the North Node do, so still be sure to do that AS WELL. Not in replacement for an actual plan though. And forget facebook, period.) Taking action that contributes to your community being stronger, more responsive, connected, and empowered (those are usually IRL things) are totally essential and non-negotiable here.  The Saturn-Uranus trine will not be channeled via instagram or twitter.

Saturn Square Venus-Chiron-Mars conjunction

Who do you love and what do you create? How are they connected? There's a splash of cold water in the face vibe here but use it for the highest good. Most astrologers hate on squares, but I love em. My birth chart is full of them. They make us fucking fierce. They make us real and able to synthesize complex and disparate elements so we can live non-dually. Don't like a dash of Saturn with your Venus?  Too fucking bad. That's life. It's not all love and light out here. This aspect wants to show you how to strengthen your love, creativity, and prosperity. Be thinking on what meaningful contributions your magical Venus (she's the ultimate) is giving to this movement. What do you need to put in place for yourself to productively and effectively channel that LOVE in real time on these planes of existence, here and now.  For example, our movements need resources in the form of monetary energy. Do you have a monetary energy to give? Do you have ways of getting some? Better get on that then. Can you channel your love as power to patiently and steadily build the most sustainable forms of resistance.  Do it. Now.  Are you creating the art, writing, charms, scented oils, and sex magic that summon collective liberation?  It's all already connected, so recognize that and then consciously keep connecting those elements. A witch uses all things.

Jupiter Opposite Uranus:

You may be thinking, OK, motherf*cker, enough already.  How much more intense astro can I take? But consider that Uranus and Eris conjoining in Aries was actually a major factor in what has brought us some major Rise of the Woman times here on this Earth right now. Jupiter is now opposing this aspect. Jupiter is, among other things, a planet of expansion. It makes everything bigger. So Jupiter oppositions create a kind of a big up to opposing side *and* a boost to the wild Uranus (post-Eric conjunction) you'll-never-crush-my-feminine-power energy.  That's what oppositions can do, I have observed. They strengthen both things. And it makes sense right? We are strengthened through challenge. Not everything is a self-esteem-lifting trine that feels sweet and on your fave harmonic frequency. Just remember, through all of this, that Jupiter opposing Uranus in Aries is still strengthening, it's just doing it via means of opposition. Yes?

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