Gemini New Moon Horoscopes 6/13 - 6/27




ARIES You meet helpful ppl -- Let friends introduce you or go to a networking event. Follow up with biz contacts/friends this week too. Then, the priority becomes channeling your creative + sexual energy. Synchronistic love +sex developments on the way. Intuition level: spooky

TAURUS Big career week for you, signaling the trends of summer and beyond. Try to pace yourself though, so you don't burn out. Relationship situations reach a climax or turning point, especially if they involve cohabitation. Stay cool, calm, and focused on your long-term desires

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GEMINI You can make major progress in publishing, education, or travel goals. Invoke stamina. Your communication sectors are lit up and it's really likely you'll receive important work news (or health, if you've been waiting on that). You make money moves now. Be strategic.

CANCER Energy you put toward making money pays off now. Channel any anxiety into financial action. You have breakthroughs in pleasure, self-worth, and creativity. When in doubt, try something new over going back to the old. Love + money prospects are increasing, stay focused.

LEO Big shifts in your home + relationship life are on the way. Turning points and big developments in your living situation/a move coming soon, plus you can create the kinds of lasting partnerships you want now (in love + biz) just by patiently, loyally laying the groundwork.

VIRGO You absolutely *can* make any health, admin, or work improvements now by taking advantage of any free time this week to move in the direction you want to go. Focus on the long-term. Make time to journal your thoughts + feelings. All manner of impt messages are on their way.

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LIBRA Connections you've been cultivating bring returns soon, esp those that make you $$$ + boost self-esteem. You may meet a potential love interest through friends. Make peace with any creative or romantic "failures" because you can now build something new, solid, exciting.

SCORPIO You've been progressing at quantum speed, now revisit your foundation. Maintain stamina and focus on getting your money/living situation right. You can build something amazing for the long-term, with some patience. Big career + fame developments are on the *near* horizon.

SAGITTARIUS You're moving into expanded, as yet unknown territory. It's mysterious, for now. Go toward what heals you and is true to gut instinct. You have an extended offer to saddle the wild horse of your own words, ideas, routines and ride them to success. Discipline is magic.

CAPRICORN Friends + helpful connections improve your financial prospects in surprising ways. You're picking up all kinds of frequencies, so gather the data and see what's most useful to you in the long run. Stay the course in all things finance + self-worth. Endurance wins big.

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AQUARIUS You're sharpening/honing yourself for battle + ultimate success. This is a little gnarly, sure, but putting energy toward your own strength, aesthetics will bring huge returns. Collabs are right now, especially the kind that raise your profile or inspire great work.

PISCES Resist old vices or past fuckboys. Yes, the vibe is spooky/nostalgic, but you need not regress. Channel all your energy toward work, writing, travel, money opportunities that promise to make your world bigger + more interesting. Exciting professional news is on the way.

Sagittarius Full Moon Horoscopes 5/29 - 6/11

This is welcome FIRE ELEMENT ENERGY and a potent start to the summer season. Please keep in mind that we will have a long void moon starting 2:26 am EST tomorrow (5/30) and lasting 27 hours. Observe, intuit, be discreet.

The void moon will be an excellent time for working with your decks, dream messages, and letting information arrive to you unexpectedly. Avoid initiating projects, making declarations, or starting arguments. Receptivity is key.

Full Moons ILLUMINATE, BRING CLIMAX, HEIGHTEN. Let it all in with as little resistance as possible. Remain in open awareness.

The time of TRANSITION is coming to a close in that we will soon be much clearer on exactly what is CHANGING for us in this NEW ERA. The surprises will still UNFOLD. The INNOVATION will still occur. But the door on the old life is closing now.

Let this next two weeks of the waning moon allow that to happen, in peace and FREEDOM.

 Art by Erika Duran @eradura on instagram 

Art by Erika Duran @eradura on instagram 


exact May 29th, 10:20 am EST

ARIES Opportunities or rewards for travel + sharing your message with the world are being illuminated. This is your reminder to be bold. Something deeply beautiful is happening below the surface, a more rooted life foundation + connection to your ancestors, your truth.

TAURUS Love yourself enough to prioritize the connections that support you creatively, financially, and sexually. Something truly magical is happening via your communication with your partners and community. Think beyond scarcity/deprivation. Love + pleasure are available

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GEMINI You’re seeing your life partnerships (all kinds) for what/who they are. Do you like what you see? Give/receive only what genuinely nurtures your relationships. The magic is in work + money now. You access more fame and abundance via intuition (not force). Aim high.

CANCER You’re busy rn! With work, maybe health + wellness too. Notice how you can take better care of yourself than you currently are, it’s good info. Distant romance or creative opportunity is calling, something beyond what you’ve already done or known. Take a good risk.

LEO Seduce or be seduced! Or perhaps being more honest in your art is what’s interesting to you now. Either way, boldness is favored. Magical thinking *could* actually help you get the home base or money you’ve been wanting, just so long as bad habits don’t get in the way.

VIRGO Your stability and foundation are worthy of some magic. What will *really* make your life force stronger from the inside out? That’s your work now. There’s a lot of magic in your words + relationships now. Reach out. Speak life into your loves and love into your life.

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LIBRA If ur routines or communication are a bit dusty, see what needs to be seen and VIBE UP. Conscious shifts help you reach optimum level now, giving you unprecedented work + money opportunity — so long as you prioritize your uniqueness. Truth > people pleasing. Speak up.

SCORPIO Self-worth + $$$ are linked. They both want your attention! Raise/redefine your worth now. Rest, receptivity, and letting creativity flow produce profound work + joy. Resist overthinking and don’t let issues at home linger, address anything that lessens your light.

SAGITTARIUS You feel your gifts wanting to open and blossom, as well as the support/rapport of your most important people. The magic is in home life transitions, intelligent financial arrangements, and overcoming fears. Your foundations are updating so they can be stronger.

CAPRICORN Old angst may resurface but simply staying in the present goes a long way, using any anxiety as fuel. Summer romance + friend connections get a magical boost, so clear old ghost contacts from your phone and inbox and get optimistic. Minding your money invigorates

Uranus in Taurus PDF + Audio Horoscopes - Get your summer astrology!

AQUARIUS Ooh your friendships + networks are alive with possibility. What’s the absolutely unique + You magic that you bring to your community? Cultivate that unapologetically. Your money and work life have a magical undercurrent — great time for vision boarding + dreamwork

PISCES You possess some of the most powerful magic in the zodiac this week. Professional or mission-oriented recognition + planning gets the spotlight. Beneath that brightness is a fresh creativity that can be either the content of future success *or* its manifestation tool

You Can Walk Away

 Art by Gabriella Rosie

Art by Gabriella Rosie


You can walk away from your fears, your doubts, the beliefs you once had about yourself, the names people called you, sitting alone at the lunch table, being slut-shamed for existing, your mistakes, perceived failures, regrets, things you thought you wanted but never got, things you got but never wanted, times of hopelessness, times of joy that could not last, the trolls, the haters, the jealous and their inferiority-superiority complexes, your own inferiority-superiority complexes, people who think they know you, people you once thought you knew, bad habits, harmful thoughts, confusion, illusion, delusion, sickness, and shame. 

You are holier than anyone has ever told you. You are holier than your being has ever been able to know. You are holier than the parts of you you find ugliest. You are holier than the parts of you you choose to put on display. You are holy. And you can burn anything that isn’t you away. 

Scorpio Full Moon Horoscopes 4/30 - 5/13


Art by Darker Days Illustrations 

FATE, ENDURANCE, and AUTHENTICITY are in play with this moon. FOCUS on what you want to last. CAST OUT what you know is already dead and decomposing. 

Most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOUR MAGIC. 



exact April 29th, 9:58 pm EST

aspects made to Saturn + the nodes of the Moon

ARIES You access a surge of primal life force, sexual magic, and some wealthy benefactors. You’ve been putting in hard work professionally, refining or redefining your public image. Now you can start to bring your work and joy together. Let your ancestors and intuition guide you.

TAURUS Fate is at play in your relationships. Your romances up-level, collabs enhanced or secured. In some connections, you decide you’re done though. Either way, definitive moves are made to expand your opportunities, make you bigger, lead you to future harvest of your gifts.

GEMINI Tensions are high at work or your commutes a hot mess - stay poised; your actions are visible now. This is actually a very magical moon for you tho. Any ritual will be extra potent. Light red candle for better sex, put some basil in your wallet for more cash. Ask for more.

CANCER Seductive + creative powers are - schedule a appt, work ur self-pleasure sex magic, stay home + get messy making art. Something more real and lasting is building in your relationships -- even if it's just a new set of standards, for now. Propose, seduce, create.

LEO Bring the party home - your house is the setting for seduction and bacchanalia. Also a beautiful moon for building/servicing an ancestor altar or witching-up your home. Make your space into a reflection of the abundance and love you desire to magnetize it all toward you now.

VIRGO Gonna be hard to keep your opinions to yourself this full moon, so just be honest + sincere. No lies, hun. You'll get caught . The best way to use ur words at this time - speak your truth, ASK for what you need/want, write your intentions, speak your prayers. Word magic.

LIBRA Focus on what makes you feel worthy and lets you remember your wholeness. Your wealth is growing -- more money, body love, and the abundance of real, deep, true self-esteem. If a light shines on your fears or sense of lack, send some compassion there. You're still lit af.

SCORPIO Cast yourself. You are the spell. This is *your* energy to work with. Your word magic is strong now too, so speak into existence what you want to Be and to Have Endure. Please ignore saboteurs. Yes, trolls and muggles are threatened by your power but honestly, fuck them.

SAGITTARIUS Your unconscious is illuminated so outbursts are likely. Think it through first. Use the reveals to your best advantage by journaling, being self-compassionate. Take the ways you once sabotaged yourself and banish them. Build up your self-esteem + bank acct instead.

CAPRICORN Spend time with those you want to get to know better now. Your friendships are in the spotlight, good and bad. Resist the urge to create drama though. Use your sexual+creative powers instead. Let ur pleasure lead you to the more authentic version of You you're becoming.

AQUARIUS Work your magic in favor of your fame, honor, and success. You’re very visible right now, so act accordingly! You are facing some deep fear, old patterns, or sense of scarcity. Don’t reject those parts. But do focus on your talents and true supporters at this time too!

PISCES You're not the same Pisces you were 8 years ago. You’ve been through the depths and healed. so. much. Now you can finally turn your eyes toward where you truly want to go -- travel, knowledge, sharing your wisdom. Lose your limits. 2018 is the year of your expansion.

Mars conjunct Pluto

 photo credit Dita von Teese by Franz Szony 

photo credit Dita von Teese by Franz Szony 


As women we are pushed away from embodying Mars-Pluto energy, asked to just SURRENDER to this type of POWER destroying us. But this Plutonic energy is exactly what we need to employ — a power that is absolute and will overtake and DESTROY the culture that is destroying us. .
MARS represents war, aggression, assertiveness, sex, desire, ambition, our energy, our physical expression of that energy. .

PLUTO represents the shadow side of the collective consciousness, transformation, dominance, violence, sexual violence, sexuality and shame. .
Mars conjunct Pluto (today) is a CONTROL DEMOLITION type of energy — total destruction. It well-represents both MEN’S VIOLENCE and the need to obliterate it. .
When Mars + Pluto meet there is LIMITLESS Power. It’s like the Big Bang. A create + destroy type of chaos. We can’t remove astrology from societal context. A lot of the idea that these two planets are scary bogeymen come from collective repression of sexual energy, carried shame, the prevalence of the type of violence that can only occur under systemic oppression.
You can’t make an energy RIGHT OR WRONG. These energies exist regardless. It is our relationship to them and what we learn from how they play out. .
We have clear evidence PATRIARCHY and its protectors can’t handle this type of power, that the cycles of violence are endless. One of the issues at the center is sexuality, power, + the POLICING of it so as to remove the power from where it naturally exists, which is with women. .
A lot of astro folks are going to write about the dangers of MARS-PLUTO today but not me. What I have to say is that this POWER EXISTS. Mars-Pluto can represent destruction + domination OF US, or it can represent DESTRUCTION OF WHAT IS DESTROYING US.