New Moon in Libra: The Psychic Reset We've Been Waiting For


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We need this hopeful new moon, so let’s welcome her with open arms.

She is extremely powerful and shows up with perfect timing—after the intensity of eclipse season, both Saturn and Jupiter changing signs and a summer-long Venus Retrograde, plus Mercury in retrograde until October 9th.

Seriously, a lot has been happening astrologically! And now, we find a sparkling newmoon in Libra in our midst. I feel as though she is the perfect sparkly, beaded headpiece that we absolutely need because we are having a very intense day, so we pick her up, put her on, and suddenly become the possibility of beauty, balance, and glamour that may have been eluding us recently. In astrology, the time at which be begin something is very powerful, especially the moment of a new moon. Please see times new moon times for where you live below.

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