Freedom and Fresh Beginning


My own personal journey with food and health was born of a desire to be free. 

Free from health challenges. Free from disdain for my own body. Free from obsession with food. Free from the repeated experience of surrendering my immense power because I felt somehow unworthy.

I chose to become a health coach and pursue the healing arts because I wanted tools that would help other beings on their own path to freedom.

And today my whole being is buzzing with the energies of the lunar new year, new moon in Aquarius, and Venus finally turning direct! (for more on this, see Happy Lunar New Year!)

 I’d love to share with you some of my vision on how to use these energies like a trail of starlight to bring us face-to-face with our wildest dreams:

  • Free our minds and hearts on this topic of health. Any limiting, judgmental, or rigid ideas about the “right” or “good” way to heal can become more of an impediment than a help. We can lovingly release those ideas, thanking them for the purpose they served at the time.
  • Channel the full power of Venus (love) and drive that love straight into the core of our bodies, allowing every bit of skin and flesh to feel beautiful and free. Today is the perfect day to thank our bodies and love our own body exactly as it is right now.
  • Be madly in love with our own being, releasing old energies that may have been less loving.
  • Send love to all the divine feminine energy that exists in each of us, our planet, and our Universe. Honoring the divine feminine helps us to heal our bodies and our planet.

My own personal journey with food and health was born of a desire to be free. I would love to read your comments below, or on Facebook, on what freedom means to you.

Wishing you a blessed and beautiful new year!

With Love, Emily