Happy Lunar New Year!


Today is a magical and auspicious day!

Firstly, we find ourselves under a new moon in Aquarius. The Aquarian influence contains the seeds of freedom: free thinking, free association (both mentally and socially), openness to new ideas, and radical lightning bolts of unusual insight.

It is also the Lunar New Year, so Happy New Year, moon lovers and dreamers.

And from the perspective of Chinese astrology, we are welcoming the Year of the Wooden Horse. (Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate!)

Lastly, after 40 days of retrograde (backward motion), Venus is turning direct. You don’t have to know anything about astrology to have a few guesses about what Venus represents: love, beauty, the divine feminine, creativity, relating, passion, art, and attraction.

Can you feel the shift that’s in progress?  Venus turning direct means she’s back on path and in her power.

So, I am taking my cue from Venus and starting this shiny, new blog today, embarking on a writing and relating adventure from a place of pure power and beauty.

Is there an action you’d like to take in honor of these new energies?

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