Angels and Intuition: Trusting Our Inner Voice


One of my favorites tools is the set of Angel Cards created by Doreen Virtue called ‘Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards’. The cards themselves are very beautiful, which is part of why I love them, and each has an image and corresponding word or phrase. (There is also a booklet which helps to further explain each card.)

You can read more about them (and purchase them) here.

The way I use them is very simple and easy for anyone to do, even if it feels a little strange at first. I simply get as quiet and centered within myself as I am able to in that moment, close my eyes, and ask the angels, guides, and trusted spirits to come forward and help guide me through the cards. I hold the cards in my hands and earnestly ask the Universe for guidance on a specific situation, or simply for an energetic suggestion on what would best serve me in my life at this time.

When I asked the angels for guidance tonight, this is what the cards had to say to me:

I pulled the cards of Nature, Healing, and Divine Guidance.

It just so happens that, earlier today, I was speaking with a friend about how much I miss spending time in nature on a regular basis. I recently moved to Chicago, a very large and (currently) very cold city, and I have found myself longing for the ocean, beaches, and desert of my most recent home of San Diego. So much so that, at times, just thinking of the warm sun has brought me to tears.

So, could the cards have been any more accurate?

The Divine Guidance card, especially, resonated with me, because it signifies that divine guidance will be instrumental on my path to healing, and that this is my time to be tuned into the messages that the angels and universal energy have for me. This means listening to my inner voice, and making time to clear away any distractions that interfere with my being able to access it.

I think that we know what we need. Our hearts are screaming out for it, in the middle of night when we can’t sleep, or during restless moments riding the train or sitting in traffic. Our being asks for what it needs, be it loudly or softly.

Honoring self-trust and self-love is so important for this reason. When we trust and love ourselves, it frees us up to listen to that voice, even if the message is risky and forces us to change in ways that feel scary at first.

I believe the ‘healing’ card suggests the dissolution of any remaining blocks I may have to fully experiencing love in my life. Self-love, especially. Sometimes the experience of receiving something we have always wanted has the surprising side effect of revealing, and even aggravating, the ways in which we still are not healed. That is where I find myself and am, again, reminded that part of the journey to becoming a healer is self-healing. It is an ever-unfolding process.

Sending love out to all of you tonight! I would love to hear about any intuitive healing practices you have found helpful on your healing and spiritual paths.

Sweet Dreams, Emily