A Witch’s Guide to Hacking this Week’s New Moon Solar Eclipse



  • Los Angeles - Saturday 9/12 11:41 pm
  • New York City - Sunday 9/13 12:41am
  • London - Sunday 9/13 07:31am
  • Dubai – Sunday 9/13 10:31am
  • Hong Kong – Sunday 9/13 2:31pm
  • Sydney – Sunday 9/13 4:31pm

This Saturday night marks the beginning of an exciting eclipse season, the first in a series of three eclipses will be occurring on 9/12 or 9/13 (depending on your time zone). From an astrological perspective, eclipse seasons bring a time of major growth, transition, release, beginnings, endings, clarity, and seemingly warp speed changes. Sometimes upheaval. Sometimes breakthroughs or miracles.  It all depends on where we’re at personally, and how we collaborate with the energy. It’s not a time to try to control or demand, but it is a time to be aware, awake, and in our personal power, especially if we are seeking to maximize personal growth.

Now is the time to plant a deep and sacred seed of what you wish to manifest.

Any time we choose to set an intention, it’s powerful, personally, in our intimate relationships, and in our communities, as our dreams and hopes ripple outward into the larger world.  And what if there were a supercharged, full-blast intention-setting moment that could turn your intention into a rocket and send the message straight out into the cosmos?  This is the potential power of the upcoming new moon solar eclipse.

What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the light of the sun gets partially or totally eclipsed (this is visible to you only if it occurs during daylight hours in your time zone.)

What is a new moon?

A new moon is the phase of the moon cycle that occurs when the moon passes between Earth and the Sun, making it either invisible or visible only as a thin crescent at sunset. This month’s new moon is the sign of Virgo, which we’ll go further into in

What does this mean in astrology?

Both new moons and solar eclipses are considered to be potentially big reset moments.  The idea is to, as near as possible to the moment the event is “exact”, set your intention for something new, big, and important in your life. The new moon has historically been a time when humans literally plant seeds in the ground because it is an especially fertile time to plant, a way of farming in harmony with the moon cycle. Modern astrology takes this concept and extends it to spiritual and metaphysical “seeding” as well.  This is a time to focus on what you want to grow in your life our world.


What to do:

1)   Journal it out

Sit down with a bright, fresh blank piece of paper and a pen that feels good to write with, or maybe your favorite set of markers. Relax and free write or draw your feelings, hopes, dreams, disappointments, hurts – anything that comes to mind is valuable information. Sometimes we have to process challenging feelings before we get to the golden spot where our hopes and optimism reside. Be free with yourself and your unconscious mind.

2)   Tap in

Close your eyes and take a moment to tap in. Connect your guides of preference, whether it be your inner or higher self, or perhaps your angels and guides, or even the moon herself. Ask for inspiration to flow freely through you for the highest good. If you work with oracle decks, tarot, pendulum or other divinatory mediums, this is a beautiful way to collaborate with the Universe in forming your intent.

3)   Get cozy with the Virgo vibe

This new moon is in the sign of Virgo, so it helps to collaborate with the Virgoan vibe. If you have an massive health initiatives you’re hoping to begin, like a clean eating plan to clear your mind and boost your energy, or a fitness goal, this moon is good one for you. Virgo has a lot to do with how we care for ourselves, especially our routines, habits and practices. If you have a new habit you want to lock in, I’d strongly suggest actually doing that very thing at the moment the eclipse its midpoint, for example (see reference times below to see or calculate your time zone).  Seriously! This is magic. It just works.  Virgo also relates to writing so if you have a book, blog, dream journal, or morning pages practice you’ve been looking to begin, this is the perfect time as well. Other ideas include any type of organization and cleanliness effort, ordering and feng shui-ing your home, and things of that nature.

4)   Put the eclipse time in your calendar and be present with yourself and your intention at the time of the eclipse. 

Stay connected and aware. You will feel a shift.

5)   Finalize your intention, and be as specific as possible. 

Write it down. Tell a friend. Scream it to the sky or whisper to your sacred objects. The manner is of your choosing, just be sure to express it. With intention setting, specificity is key. Especially when we are dealing with Virgo, a sign that loves details, planning, and specifics.  Honor the Virgo energy by being clear, clean, and exact.

6)   Visualize.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself 15 minutes after having reached your goal. Where will you be? What are you doing and feeling? What are the sights, sounds, and smells? Feel this experience as real. Live it. You are on your way.

7)  Work with your chart.

This new moon occurs at 20 degrees of Virgo, wherever that falls in your chart is the area of life this new moon will impact the most. You can generate a free chart at www.astro.com by entering your birth date, time, and location. If this sounds like gibberish, consult an astrologer to help you decipher how this effects your chart. If, for example, the house the new moon falls in contains many planets, or is conjunct one of them, you will feel this eclipse even more strongly. It can be good to know these specifics to more effectively work with the energy. If you would like to book an Eclipse Strategy Session, please do!  Email me at thevoluptuouswitch@gmail.com and we'll get you set up with a personalized eclipse season plan.

Go get it, witches!  I fully believe in your power to manifest your heart's truest longings, and at just the right time. Sometimes during powerful astrological occurrences, we can feel scared or as if we must control all the details so that things will turn out "right". Part of participating and collaborating with this eclipse season is the willingness to relax our focus, open our awareness, and observe what comes in. Remain open to observing synchronicity. And be ready to act on opportunity.    Eclipse times are below for your reference!

Love, your witch friend, Emily