Neptune Survival Tips!

We are feeling a strong NEPTUNE influence this week, as Neptune in Pisces opposes the cluster of Virgo planets.


Neptune is our Shamanic Planet of dreaming, music, cinema, spirituality, and frequency. Neptune's energy can be massively inspirational and healing. The flip side (and there always is one!) to this energy is delusion, addiction, confusion, and lack of healthy boundaries.

Neptune dissolves boundaries. Here's how to feel the Neptune vibes without getting washed away:

  • Make sure to ground and structure so that Neptune can flow through you (rather than overwhelm you)

  • Indulge in Neptune activities like photography, enjoying cinema, playing music, dancing, meditating, lucid dreaming

  • Enjoy fantasies, visions, and messages from Spirit, while also knowing much of what you are experiencing may not be totally “real”

  • Avoid jumping to conclusions or crafting full stories at this time since things are largely unclear

  • If you get anxious, leave your thoughts for a while and just come into your body. Your worries can be put to the side for a moment and picked up later

  • Do let genuine expressions of emotion and healing come through now, and notice blocks or inhibitions when they arise without judging them

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