Aries New Moon Horoscopes 4/15-4/19



You are reborn in Fire, freed of past limitations on how you can work your personal magic. This New Moon is about a Brazen Future and the most Wildcard version of yourself you will soon unleash on the world. Massive money + sex potential these next two weeks as well.


A deeply personal New Moon that slays old fears + self-sabotage. You build new neural pathways: helpful thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. You clear the cobwebs, make space for a bright future. Massive partnership, travel, and writing potential these next weeks too.


You now know who your real friends are! Build with them OR call in the new community you *want* to have. Rise to leadership. Please use this New Moon energy to claim your BIGGEST, most impossible-seeming dreams. Major wealth-building potential now too, get on it!


You have unlimited potential for fame, recognition, and the kind of success you truly want now. Do not play small. Grab the spotlight. Claim your Rise. Shine! The next two weeks have the most epic romance + creative collab potential imaginable, so don’t do it alone.


Set your sights on the most expansive horizon imaginable — books you want to write, places you want to travel, what you want to learn or teach. Innovation is extra powerful now, esp in tech. The next two weeks, go after anything you need to feel more stable + strong.


This New Moon is for hot sex, investing your money, and trusting your intuition. It’s a reset in the deepest part of chart — embrace the mystery and be revitalized. The next two weeks are all creation + seduction. Your words + habits will determine the quality of it.


This is your Relationship New Moon. Do not waste this sh*t. No down-dating, no lazy collaborators. This is the time to take all the learning from the past 8 years and cast a spell for the partners you WANT. The next two weeks, focus on nourishing You/your home


Perfect New Moon for a Spring Detox! Set your routines to Future You standards and your happiness + intuition soar. Also, this is the beginning of the work life you *want* to have. Put the work in. Your words + thoughts are the next two weeks. Use your Power.


Seduce Your Future. Creative + romantic prospects are getting really GOOD. (Parenting, too.) Set intention for more Fun + Joy, Orgasms + Art now. The next two weeks can move mountains financially and boost self-esteem via willingness to overcome old fears.


The next two weeks are super-charges for having maximum influence on your community + making your biggest dreams a reality. Some of this will depend on willingness to make necessary upgrades at home. Use this New Moon to call in the home, family, security you need


How you spend your days is how you spend your life. This is the most powerful New Moon in ages to create the rituals + daily existence that will rocket you to the next level. Word Magic is so potent now! Speak + write your dreams. The next two weeks: Get famous?


The next two weeks hold limitless potential for expanding your networks, travels, the reach of your work. At the core, though, is bolstering your bank account, self-esteem, and body care so you can chase those dreams. Nourish You and the horizon unfurls before you.