Aries Full Moon: Embodied Creation

This is a special Full Moon.

The Sun in Libra opposes the Moon in Aries on the same day their rulers, Venus and Mars, conjoin. (The last Venus-Mars conjunction was in November 2015.)

Their meeting is creation embodied, the feminine and masculine connecting in union. 

Libra is about being together. Aries is about individuation. And we need them both. Venus rules Libra, the sign that longs for connection, love, harmony. Mars rules Aries, the sign that craves action, movement, initiative. This Full Moon is about the creative tension between individuality and union, where we end and others begin.

This day has a birth energy. Love, money, sex, passion, creation are all on the table. Let the kiss between Venus and Mars spark the remembrance of yourself as a fully creative being, a miracle of life who holds the seeds of life, fertile and ready to burst forth.