AstroLovecast + Jupiter into Scorpio!

Happy Monday, babes!

First things first, I got to do a takeover for HER social app, a dating app for queer women, and it was really fun!  Here's the video, it's a little under 5 minutes and has some good astro gossip! 

And TOMORROW Jupiter makes its ingress to Scorpio! This very exciting as I have covered in the horoscopes and I'd also like to share some extra scoop with you:

The time for your Jupiter Ritual (which can be as simple as lighting a candle or taking a minute in meditation) is Tuesday, October 10th, 9:20am EST

My Jupiter Ritual suggestion is simple, sweet, and effective:

Shower yourself in whatever you want more of! Is it cash? Take a cash bath! Is it love? Bask in the glow of the type of adoration you seek! Success -- imagine yourself seated upon your throne!

I, personally, love working with the Empress in relation to Jupiter. You can also choose a card (from any deck, or another archetype from artwork or mythology) that embodies what you are wanting to bring in!

At this time of Jupiter’s entrance into Scorpio, imagine yourself in a golden bubble. Take yourself through a meditation of your own guiding where you become this figure in the card or image you have chosen. Focus on the feelings. The textures, the sounds, the quality of light, the feeling in your heart. What is it really like to embody this? Feel that now. Feel the power of your guides surrounding you in this space and guiding you toward your destiny.

Wishing you maximal ABUNDANCE, LOVE, and GOOD FORTUNE!

xo Emily Heather