October: Horoscope Highlights

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Not only is it Halloween/Samhain month but,

JUPITER IN SCORPIO is a mere 10 days away

We're coming up on a powerful ARIES FULL MOON on the 5/6th that involves the Super Spook of all planets, PLUTO, plus Venus + Mars

Venus + Mars conjoin in VIRGO on the 6th - this is a very special conjunction, more on that soon

the Sun, Mercury, and Mars will all enter SCORPIO before the month is out

And Venus finally makes her grand entrance into LOVELY LIBRA (one of her two favorite signs) this month as well 

WE ARE MOVING INTO A TIME OF SOME MAJOR ASTRAL SHIFTS (Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus ALL changing signs) and Jupiter into Scorpio is the first whiff of the changes ahead for all of us. 

This month is a mix of the CHARM OF LIBRA and the DEPTH OF SCORPIO

Curious what this means for your chart?

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AstroWitch Tips

  • Plan ahead for a Jupiter in Scorpio RITUAL for yourself
  • Take advantage of the beautiful, flowing communication of MERCURY IN LIBRA now to access harmony, beauty, and fairness in your speech, writing, and thoughts
  • Plan luscious CREATIVE + ARTISTIC + PROSPERITY endeavors for the second half of the month when VENUS IS IN LIBRA

Stay tuned for DETAILED UPDATES on all the most important astrology:

... next post will be everything you need to know for the ARIES FULL MOON + MARS-VENUS CONJUNCTION

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