Emily gave me such a thoughtful, focused, and informative reading. When she read the transits of my love life of the past two 2 years in the past, they were not only ACCURATE, but scarily pinpoint perfect about what was happening during that time! This love reading was needed for me right now and I am so glad I chose Emily do show me the map of my love life this year!
— K.D.
Emily is a no bullshit reader. She will be honest, give you a clear plan of action, and also tell you what you can look forward to. She makes you feel comfortable from the first time she meets you and her heart shines through in all she does. Not everyone comes from a place of love, but she really does, and I appreciate that.
— L.W.
My reading empowered me. I’ve got a clear sense of what I need to do next.
— M.G.
I love astro coaching! I have learned so much about my chart and done the deepest journaling and dreamwork I’ve ever done while working with Emily. It has been deeply healing. I have tools now I never would have otherwise known. Her intuition is exceptional. I trust her completely.
— H.P.
I want to yell right now listening to my recording because you just READ ME! I’ve had other astrology readings but not like this. You’re awesome.
— L.T.
The Self-Love Intensive is everythingggggg. 1) I feel like bad witch astro genius now and 2) she will really make the process of learning self-love actually FUN. I love the worksheets, the videos, all of it. I’ll definitely work with her again.
— C.L.
So much insight! Our minds were pretty blown — you really got us as a couple and the tips you gave for good communication and love language guidance were spot on.
— P.V.
Emily is the real deal! She really knows her astrology and makes insanely accurate predictions. I’ve had a yearly reading from her for the past 5 or 6 years and would definitely never be able to skip a year now! She has a great work ethic in terms of providing very valuable tools for self-discovery. She has taught me a lot of my chart and how to work a lot better with my challenges. Really helpful and so, so insightful.
— S.C.
Changed my life. Thank you.
— B.L.
Thank you sooo much for the reading! It was so enlightening to hear so many things you said and it confirmed things about myself I was already feeling. You were so thorough at answering my questions too, thank you! I have my ticket and plan on traveling for the next year and hearing from you this was the perfect year for it really helped me take the leap. It felt great to hear that I am a born entrepreneur and all the things you said about manifesting and keeping track of my money. I learned so much about astrology through the reading (jupiter, neptune, etc..) too.
I have already referred 5 of my friends to get readings with you!
— A.R.
A reading with Emily is a thoughtful, inspiring, well rounded experience full of love and wisdom. Emily has an incredible ability to speak from deep spiritual insight while grounding the information shared with practical advice and real life understanding. Her perspective is diverse and her knowledge vast...she is also very sweet, funny, and easy to talk to!
— D.F.
Emily completely nailed my love nature. Like SPOT ON. She really helped me think about why I was attracting the same type of person (narcissists) over and over again in a loving but also really honest way. She was more blunt than my therapist and it was honestly worth its weight in gold to hear so objectively exactly what I had been through and how to start learning boundaries. I signed up for astro love coaching and it was an awesome decision. I’ve been re-patterning, getting to know myself much better, and dating new types of people. My current boyfriend is 100% different from anyone I’ve dated (and is pretty much exactly the imaginary person you described in my first reading as who would be good for me)!
— K.K.